Lifelong LLF72 Fit Pro Elliptical...


  • Resistance Bands – Higher resistance bands would bring more challenge while exercise. Lifelong stepper tightens core muscles and also it helps to tone to your chest, back, shoulders and legs.
  • Lifelong stepper machine comes with Twist step hydraulic feature which means our machine is more comfortable to use and gives more efficiency during the exercise. This feature and design is currently not available in the market.
  • Twister Action – twist action in Stepper moves up and down and side to side in a low-impact twisting action,it helps doing full-body exercises easily and effectivly. You can do stepping, twisting waist and stretching at the same time while using our stair-stepper.
  • Non-slip wide PVC Pedals – Lifelong mini stepper use large, textured, non-slip foot pedals as well as the skid-resistant floor protectors to ensure user’s safety. Max User Weight is up to
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty on parts and manufacturing defects. For complaints, please contact us on: [97 11 55 88 77] or mail us at
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Get fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home with the Lifelong mini stepper with resistance bands. Offering a full cardio workout and strengthening your muscles, this stepper exercise machine can help you get a shapely and toned body as well as full body workout. Work out anywhere at any time! This stepper with removable resistance bands is easily assembled, simply unbox and attach the included resistance bands to begin your fitness journey! Convenient easy-assembly means you can save time, money and energy on putting together your stepper!.


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